By October 31, 2015

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: An efficient and powerful piece of machinery that roams the streets.


Pack with a set of features that will change any preconceived perception on hybrid automobiles, the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is an excellent option if you’re looking to get a more environmentally friendly car.

Features that we’ll make you go hybrid

Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.0lts Atkinson-Cycle engine with an exclusive Gasoline Direct Injection that can deliver a net output up to 193 horsepower. This impressive power combined with the advanced parallel hybrid drive system translates into the possibility of cruising the highways at 120 km/h just on electric power alone, while also producing top of the class performance in highway performance (5.3lts/100 km), Range (1,132 Kms on a single tank of gas) and Aerodynamic Efficiency (0,24).

This engine is armed with advance technology that allows it to not only implement a more efficient fuel management, a product of having an electric supported battery system as the main power source for any driving situation that doesn’t require the use of higher torque, but also helps keep a good hold on the fuel costs. All of this while helping the environment, by having a very low carbon monoxide emission.

For the transmission, it sports a brand new six speed automatic with manual shifting mode, a package that gives total control to the driver.

Advanced Technology that makes driving a pleasure

This car has a lot more to offer than just a powerful engine and fuel efficiency. Top of line technology has been incorporated in a wide array of characteristics that makes this new hybrid from Hyundai something to keep an eye for.

A touch screen display with rearview camera and Bluetooth offers the ability to control the radio and your smart phone and having the best vision of the rear of the vehicle.

To ensure your safety and the wellbeing of your family, there´s a blind spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert for the pilot rearview mirror.

On top of all these features, a class leading huge trunk with 380 liters of capacity that comes with a standard hand free smart trunk system shows clearly that this car is a presence to be reckoned.

Comfort and style all around

Among the top goals of any car manufacturer designer is to ensure that the driving experience is not only a pleasurable one for the driver, but also for the passengers too and in that regards Hyundai when the extra mile this time.

The Heated steering wheel is a welcome addition for when the cold winter comes. Complimenting it, there’s a set of heated rear seats for the passengers and ventilated front seats for the summer months.

Quality that stands the test of time

The Korean automotive powerhouse firmly believes in its products and the best way to prove it is backing every new one with a set of warranties that will improve your trust on your recent acquisition.

 The main warranty is their traditional 5 year / 100.000 km.

After reading all about this solid piece of machinery, it would be really hard to not consider going straight to the car dealership and make yourself the proud owner of a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

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