By January 8, 2015

Blue Link: Hyundai remote control with Android Wear


“CES” in Las Vegas has begun and manufacturers are beginning to show their products. Hyundai introduced it’s application called Blue Link that will remotely control the car using Android Wear.

“CES” is not only focused on phones and tablets, we’ve found many technologies related to Android with accessories and smart watches that can be synchronized with the products around us. Hyundai Blue Link is a good example: the company wants our car to be activated by Android Wear for 2015 and 2016 models.

What can we do with Blue Link? Open and close doors, switch lights, honk the horn and other many things. There is also the possibility to find where our car is and turn it on and off. All hands-free.  It will certainly make finding the car at the Pen Centre or the Ice Dogs game a lot easier during dark St. Catharines winters!

All these commands would be working through Bluetooth, and it would be carried by voice, which is the traditional method to handle a Smart watch, the cars available for this technology will be the latest 2015 Sonata models, Azera and Genesis.

The Blue Link app will be available for download from Google Play in early 2015 and will be compatible with most Android Wear Smart watches.  Another reason to invest in wearable technology!

What do you think about it? Stop by Performance Hyundai in St. Catharines to learn more about Blue Link and all of the other Hyundai newest features.

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