By March 4, 2016

Canadian Launch of 2017 Hyundai Elantra in Montreal

The newest Elantra has been treated to a complete redesign with a number of improvements. With its first Canadian showcase at the Montreal Auto Show, the Elantra is now in its sixth generation. The striking exterior offers a more aerodynamic design for greater fuel efficiency. Updated powertrains offer even more fuel efficiency, a smoother ride and improved safety.

The 2017 Elantra’s new front-end design situates lights horizontally, rather than the vertical design found in previous generations. This model comes with Hyundai’s classic grille and LED daytime running lights. In a jump from previous models, this Elantra flows with body lines to accentuate its aerodynamic shape. Also contributing to the aerodynamic design are redesigned rear decklids, underbody panelling and a lower rear bumper spoiler.

The interior is familiar yet modern-looking. For the interior redesign, Hyundai has focused on making its features more driver-friendly. Crucial information is relayed to the driver through a 4.2” screen found in the centre stack. Overall, drivers will find the interior to be more spacious, functional and ergonomical. SoyFoam cloth seats are environmentally-friendly.

The newest Elantra also comes with updated technology and safety features. Several driving aids are available to make safe driving effortless, such as corrective steering assistance, pedestrian detection and automatic collision avoidance. Dynamic Bending Light provide well-placed lighting for cornering, high beam assist adjusts your lights accordingly for other drivers, and Smart Cruise Control actively adjusts your speed to match the car ahead.

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