By April 6, 2015

Hyundai Enduro


Hyundai’s unveiled another exciting vehicle! This time at the Seoul Motor Show in Korea with the Hyundai Enduro.  This new Hyundai is an SUV prototype, but could easily pass for a sports coupe with its look.  To spice things up, Hyundai said the prototype is a fusion of an SUV….and an Enduro motorcycle!

With its interesting and attractive game of shapes, Hyundai creates this SUV as an alternative to conventional urban vehicles. There are several details that distance this model from the preconceived idea about these types of vehicles.  For example it only has three doors and is compact in size (4.2 meters).

One particularly striking feature is the absence of mirrors, which were replaced by two cameras that project images on the center console screen. This change is clearly focused on urban driving while the rear drawer is designed to store objects that could mess up the trunk is another indicator of the Enduro’s off-road soul.

We don’t have any interior images yet, but are being told that it combines vertical and horizontal elements in a four-person cabin. They also said that the wheel resembles a field motorcycle wheel! Even cooler is the fact that all infotainment systems are controlled remotely.

As for the engine, the prototype Hyundai Enduro features a 2.0 petrol engine with automatic transmission and a seven-speed double clutch.

Is the Hyundai Enduro a vehicle of the future? We’ll see, but for now check out the Hyundai Tucson SUV in St. Catharines and other great crossovers Hyundai has to offer at Performance Hyundai EQUUS.

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