By December 7, 2014

Hyundai Genesis 2015: The best Sedan option!


Hyundai introduced the second generation of Genesis in this year’s Detroit’s showroom. Genesis’s original model won the Best Car Of The Year award in 2009.

Given this success, Hyundai renewed and redesigned the 2015 Genesis, with an amazing interior and a powerful motor, luxury amenities and a lower price than its rivals. It is definitely the best Luxury Sedan!

“Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture” is the name of Hyundai’s new design system, which encapsulates a triplet of the most important elements: fluids esthetics, modern and aggressive look and a first class environment.

With a distance between axis of 118,5’’, this new model’s placed way above the BMW 5, and the Mercedes Benz E class, when it comes to space between the wheels.

The Genesis, offers a Lamba V6 motor, 3,8 liters and a Tau V8 motor of 5,0 liters, optional! It produces 420 horsepower and 383 pounds of torque, the most powerful in its class.

Thanks to its engine and suspension, Genesis provides a comfortable ride on rough roads, strong leadership and management and well-controlled turns.

The Genesis has, ample comfortable seating for all passengers and a stylish interior that features quality materials and excellent fit and finish.

The Genesis was very skillful in the roads full of curves, its direction is much more accurate than the previous generation. And even though this is a more rigid vehicle, the greater suspension travel gives it a completely comfortable and quiet ride.

Fuel consumption is 18 mpg in the city and 29 on the highway for the 3.8 l, while the model 5.0 V8 makes 15/23 mpg.

Among the comparable competitors are the Mercedes Benz E Class, Lexus GS, the Kia K 900 and the Infiniti Q70.

Some say it’s too much of car for so little money. Some might say it perishes to a Bentley, but as it happened in ‘86 when Lexus introduced the LS 400, the market is no longer about high prices, but about luxurious and functional vehicles; that’s what Hyundai is offering in this new face of the luxury automotive industry, and for sure, Genesis’s going to achieve a great piece of the market!

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