By January 24, 2015

The New 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid!


Hyundai has used the recent Detroit Auto Show to present it’s new hybrid engine model: the Sonata Plug-in-Hybrid, a stunning sedan that, as the brand advertised, can travel up to 35.4 miles in electric mode.

Battery recharging can be done  in just two hours using a charger Level 2 (standard plug 120 V). In addition they are developing a set of lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of 9 8 kWh, five times higher than the Sonata Hybrid, enabling the new model to plug the lead in terms of autonomy between the average sedans with this type of engine.

Engine integrated into the transmission

The technological contribution that’s striking in this future model of Hyundai is an automatic six relations with Electrical Transmission-Mounted Device system, which uses the electric motor and transmission system itself instead of the usual torque converter, that’s always responsible for energy loses.

With this new feature, Hyundai expects to get ahead over competitors by giving a powerful and environmental friendly sedan to their users.

We can’t wait for the Sonata Plug-in-Hybrid to show up at Performance Hyundai in St. Catharines!

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